It Takes A Village.

As an educator, I have been fortunate enough to be apart of the many 'villages' or communities of dedicated and passionate people that have shaped the lives of the many students crossing my path over the last two years. 

Being a part of these 'villages' has made me reflect upon one 'village' in particular recent. This particular village, comprised of four incredible women, not only carried me through my middle school years but laid the foundation for the incredible things I have been able to accomplish over the last eight years of my life. I had the opportunity to be reunited with this 'village' this week, and it was an experience that I will never forget. 

These women are four of the strongest women I have met and all have taught me something in their own ways along this journey. They all have truly changed my life in many ways and I could never thank them for all their advice, shoulders to lean on, as well as words of encouragement over the years. They are my village and will forever be the greatest village that I have come across. 

To A.R, D.C, J.C, and M.C: Thank you for being my 'village'; my soft place to land; four shoulders to lean on; four incredible women to share my many successes with. I wouldn't be headed on this exciting adventure to Germany without you, and I am forever thankful for each of you.